Three IS Suicide Attacks Kill 24 Kurdish Veterans, Women and Children

The Islamic State (IS) had claimed responsibility for sending suicide bombers against a Kurdish-Iraqi town and have killed at least 40 people, 24 of them Kurdish Peshmerga veterans that authorities claimed pledged to return to fight against the terrorist group.

According to the Qara Tapah’s Mayor Wahab Ahmed, wounded from the attack, the three bombers attacked at 10:30 in the morning. Officials did not get a clear image of the attackers, but claimed that there were two car bombs and one suicide attacker wearing an explosives vest.

Mayor Ahmed said that the explosions intended to hit his office, which is a vital structure for the Kurds as it houses the Asyesh Internal Security and the Office of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Party.

The IS claimed responsibility through a tweet in social media. They had revealed the bombers names as Abu Sara al-Almani (German), Abu Mohammed al-Jazrawi (Saudi) and Abu Turab al-Turki (Turkish).

Qara Tapah  is located near Jalawla, currently in a cross-fire between Iraqi soldiers and IS Jihadists.

Meanwhile, United States Secretary of State John Kerry issued a statement that it is up to the Iraqis to fight back against the Islamic State despite air support from different countries. According to Kerry, the IS may soon be isolated with consistent  support from the international and local forces.


Baghdad Appoints New Government to Allow Expanded US Military Role

Iraq had sworn in a new government on Monday to guarantee the US military’s expanded role with the intention to stop the extremist group Islamic State (IS) dominating several Iraqi territories. The voting session began with only 179 of 328 lawmakers present, which is enough to vote in a new government. The Kurdish parliamenterians, who had first boycotted the session, joined in announcing that they would only participate for three months. This brought the total voting parliamenterians to 289.

The three Kurdish cabinet nominees had not attended the voting during its last hour had their votes counted in.

The Kurdish nominees withdrew to Sulaymaniyah because of the uncertainty of the new government meeting the demands over budget payments and oil sales. US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Brett McGurk and UN Iraq Envoy Nickolay Mladenov had flown to Sulaymaniyah to persuade the Kurdish nominees to return and participate.

The voting session had been semi-chaotic, with arguments regarding Shiite Milita Badr Brigade Head and former transport minister Hadi al-Amri’s name was withdrawn as a candidate for Interior Minister head.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had 30 days to comply with the requirements for expanded US military support by ushering in a new government but met troublein appointing new defence and security chiefs. He is to name candidates for the positions within a week.


Gaza Refugees Return to Find Homes Unliveable

According to humanitarian workers and refugees in Gaza returning to their homes, the destruction of the Israel Military’s bombing had destroyed cities and buildings almost completely. The remaining structures were only shells of once-liveable shelters and homes. At least 20% of the entire housing stock had been damaged according to the Gaza Engineering Department.

Gaza, with a population of 1.8 million, will need more homes as the housing shortage could worsen the humanitarian situation in the country. Refugees returned to their homes, looking for belongings and properties they could salvage from the destruction.

The Gaza Engineering Department also reports that the only power station Gaza has, destroyed by Israeli bombing by the end of July, will take many years to rebuild.

Before the ceasefire, the Israeli Military had issued aggressive bombing runs ensuring maximum destruction before the hour of the ceasefire began. In total, Israel had a civilian kill count of 1,900 Palestinians who are mostly civilians. The international community condemned Israel’s offensive against Gaza.

The public who had survived the recent fighting are wondering how long until the peace between Israel and Gaza continue. Many residents said that both sides should reconcile and finally bury the hatchet as the civilians and the working individuals are the ones that suffer greatly.


Israel Bombs Dozens of Gaza Targets as Hamas Retaliates With Rocket Fire

Israelis began running for bomb shelters in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem after Hamas launched rocket salvos in the area, which struck northern Gaza city Hadera. The Israeli missile-interception systems had blocked 29 of the rockets, noting virtually no injuries or major damages in the affected areas.

The Israeli military then carried out an airstrike against 150 Gaza sites, confirming the kill of five Hamas members. The Israeli air attacks had left 24 Palestinians killed and 152 wounded, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry Spokesman Ashraf al-Qidrah.

The exchange between the two countries comes after Israel accused Hamas of kidnapping and killing the three Israeli teenagers, which the Israeli public mourned last Tuesday.   Daily, rockets and mortar rounds landed on Israel according to Israel Military Intelligence.

Israel called its vengeance “Operation Protective Edge”, which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu focused on having the army increase fierceness against their attacks on Gaza.

According to political analysts, the conflict is escalating to greater levels, but Israel only sees to “punish” and not destroy Hamas. Analysts said if Hamas were to be destroyed, it would create a political and sectarian vacuum in the area. Anarchy may arise and it may become a refuge for extremists, making the situation more fatal for Israel.


Taliban Karachi Attack Shows Weakness of Pakistani Government

A daring Taliban attack on Pakistan’s Karachi Airport had killed 29 people and 29 Uzbek militants, who were members of the Taliban. Initially, the attackers of the airport were unknown until the Pakistani Taliban had claimed responsibility for the attack. According to the Taliban, it was a vengeance attack against Pakistan’s drone attacks, which left many militants killed.

According to political analysts, the attack was a great blow to the Pakistani government and military. It caused the cancellation of many flights. However, Pakistan’s officials insisted that the military’s actions have prevented a further catastrophe to the Pakistan government’s capabilities.

Officials said that the military had secured the airport aircrafts from being bombed. That alone is a victory, according to them.

The latest Taliban attack is a great blow to the Pakistan-Taliban peace talks. According to Pakistani Army Commander and former Interior Minister Moinuddin Haider, there is no hope to carry on talks and considered the talks a waste of time. He said the time used could have for a plan to fight and pacify the Taliban.

Pakistani Federal Information Minister Pervez Rashid said that there was a “foreign hand” behind the attack, funded the militants and supplied them with security and environmental information regarding the Pakistani government.


Syrian Rebels Collapses Hotel with Forceful Bombing

A luxury hotel in Aleppo that the Syrian regime uses as a military base exploded and levelled in a giant explosion. The Syrian rebels had caused multiple casualties by bombing the hotel through dug tunnels under the complex. According to political analysts, the Syrian rebels wanted to show that they are still capable of making efficient attacks against the government despite of their defeats in different areas in Syria.

Recently, the rebels resigned Homs completely to Syrian regime forces and had completely evacuated the area.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which uses a network of activists and opposition to monitor the Syrian civil war from Britain, had estimated at least 14 soldiers had died from the attack.

The rebels, particularly the Islamic Front rebel alliance, had claimed the attack and they said 50 soldiers inside the luxury hotel serving as a Regime base had been killed.

Syrian state television confirmed the luxury hotel as a base of regime operations.

Aleppo, Syria’s business capital, had become the bloodiest battleground during the clashes between Regime and Rebel forces. Barrel bombs and chemical attacks, which both sides of the civil war had sworn off, had killed many civilians, including women and children.


Nicolas Maduro Claims US Stirring Up Venezuela for Its Oil

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused the United States and the Obama Administration for using street protests to instigate a situation similar to Ukraine and Russia when the latter annexed Crimea during the crisis. Maduro said that the US was not after a state, but after Venezuela’s oil.

He said the “revolt of the rich” will fail because of the country’s “Bolivarian Revolution” being “deeply rooted” after a US-backed coup against late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, which Maduro replaced upon death.

Maduro accused the US of indicating the Venezuelan protests as a form of Arab Spring movement.

Currently, protests in Venezuela had reached 39 casualties and is still continuing. Maduro agreed to the peace talks proposed by Unasur, a South American Regional Group.

The United States denied its involvement and said that Venezuela and Maduro is only using the coup threat as an excuse to avoid its responsibilities to handle the protests against its government. The Human Rights Watch had also criticised the government’s methods of handling the protests.

According to Maduro, Venezuela’s opposition aims to paralyse the main cities of the country and increase economic problems through an economic war to boost an artificial inflation to create violence and take over power of the government.


Turkey Might Be Blocking Social Networks to Cover Up Its Scandals

Political analysts see that Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s motion to block social networks, including Twitter and possibly Facebook, roots from trying to silence a political scandal fuelled by a leaked telephone conversation between the Prime Minister and Turkish media companies.

On Thursday, the country banned access to YouTube and Twitter. An anonymous poster posted the telephone leak on Youtube, which had people share the link throughout on Twitter and react to it.

From an New Zealand Herald article, Prime Minister Erdogan had said “I do not understand how people of good sense could defend this Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. There are all kinds of lies there.” He indicated the recordings that included him and several other figures in the country as part of these lies.

According to local media, the recordings exposed conversations not just between people in power, but from politicians to their children. One conversation was Erdogan’s conversation with his son advising him not to accept a businessman’s bribe that is too small and an order to his son to hide millions of euros before a corruption investigation.

Political analysts said that Turkey’s government might be blocking social media because the elections are coming on Sunday and Erodgan’s chances of re-election are becoming slimmer amidst a backdrop of scandals and violent handling of protests against him.


Ukraine-Russian Firefight Unlikely Despite Russian Volleys in Crimea

Currently, Russian soldiers are surrounding Crimea’s military bases calling for Ukrainian soldiers to give up their weapons or defect to Russia. Three rapid warning bursts of gunfire shot to the air was the closest military manoeuvre Russian troops did so far as Crimea’s government offices and buildings remain under the lockdown of Russian troops.

Despite the threats of Russian forces against unarmed Ukrainian troops marching towards their bases to get their weapons and towards their storage facilities, no side was willing to begin a full-scale gunfight.

Russian forces fired the three volleys warning the Ukrainians that their legs will be shot if they came any close. The Ukrainian troops stopped and gave the Russians until the afternoon to let them pass.

The Ukraine troops marched towards the Russian soldiers holding a Soviet World War II flag and the Ukrainian flag.

The Russian forces, who said they were not involved with Russia or its government, said that they were the “defenders of the people”. They wore masks and they said that they are now in control of the Ukrainian bases.

According to observers and local media, the Russian troops were very quiet and had yet to state anything about their current political position in their invasion of Crimea government offices. According to a Crimean Official, the masked men were very professional in their takeover of buildings.


Three Things Essential to Car Accident Compensation Claims

In any injury compensation claim, anybody at fault should provide compensation to the victim for his or her injuries. Those at fault will most certainly provide compensation, but sometimes, the compensation they provide is not enough. When the victim’s family or relations chase after the offender, they lack enough information and evidence to prove that the lump-sum repayment was not enough. Here are a few things I learned from experience that make compensation claims easier.

1. Police Report
In a car accident, a police report can prove that the accident happened at a specific date and time. With a police report, we could chase after the offender and claim that the incident completely happened. In around 75% of most car accident cases, a police report is not present, which makes it difficult to claim the right amount of compensation from the offender and even from insurers.

2. Medical Report
If you have a police report, remember that you do not have to file for an injury claim all at once, or you could have claims management companies such as to begin it at once. You can wait for your recovery so that the medical professional can identify and record in your medical report your specific injuries, the pain and suffering you dealt with, future implications of your injuries and other details that could get you more compensation.

3. Inform the Offender
A litigation becomes easier if you contact the offender by sending him or her a letter asking for correspondence regarding matters they’re involved in with you. You could have your claims expert or any legal representative send this letter. When they’re informed, they are at least not in shock, and you could possibly avoid great court costs by having a settlement outside litigation.