Nicolas Maduro Claims US Stirring Up Venezuela for Its Oil

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused the United States and the Obama Administration for using street protests to instigate a situation similar to Ukraine and Russia when the latter annexed Crimea during the crisis. Maduro said that the US was not after a state, but after Venezuela’s oil.

He said the “revolt of the rich” will fail because of the country’s “Bolivarian Revolution” being “deeply rooted” after a US-backed coup against late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, which Maduro replaced upon death.

Maduro accused the US of indicating the Venezuelan protests as a form of Arab Spring movement.

Currently, protests in Venezuela had reached 39 casualties and is still continuing. Maduro agreed to the peace talks proposed by Unasur, a South American Regional Group.

The United States denied its involvement and said that Venezuela and Maduro is only using the coup threat as an excuse to avoid its responsibilities to handle the protests against its government. The Human Rights Watch had also criticised the government’s methods of handling the protests.

According to Maduro, Venezuela’s opposition aims to paralyse the main cities of the country and increase economic problems through an economic war to boost an artificial inflation to create violence and take over power of the government.


Turkey Might Be Blocking Social Networks to Cover Up Its Scandals

Political analysts see that Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s motion to block social networks, including Twitter and possibly Facebook, roots from trying to silence a political scandal fuelled by a leaked telephone conversation between the Prime Minister and Turkish media companies.

On Thursday, the country banned access to YouTube and Twitter. An anonymous poster posted the telephone leak on Youtube, which had people share the link throughout on Twitter and react to it.

From an New Zealand Herald article, Prime Minister Erdogan had said “I do not understand how people of good sense could defend this Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. There are all kinds of lies there.” He indicated the recordings that included him and several other figures in the country as part of these lies.

According to local media, the recordings exposed conversations not just between people in power, but from politicians to their children. One conversation was Erdogan’s conversation with his son advising him not to accept a businessman’s bribe that is too small and an order to his son to hide millions of euros before a corruption investigation.

Political analysts said that Turkey’s government might be blocking social media because the elections are coming on Sunday and Erodgan’s chances of re-election are becoming slimmer amidst a backdrop of scandals and violent handling of protests against him.


Ukraine-Russian Firefight Unlikely Despite Russian Volleys in Crimea

Currently, Russian soldiers are surrounding Crimea’s military bases calling for Ukrainian soldiers to give up their weapons or defect to Russia. Three rapid warning bursts of gunfire shot to the air was the closest military manoeuvre Russian troops did so far as Crimea’s government offices and buildings remain under the lockdown of Russian troops.

Despite the threats of Russian forces against unarmed Ukrainian troops marching towards their bases to get their weapons and towards their storage facilities, no side was willing to begin a full-scale gunfight.

Russian forces fired the three volleys warning the Ukrainians that their legs will be shot if they came any close. The Ukrainian troops stopped and gave the Russians until the afternoon to let them pass.

The Ukraine troops marched towards the Russian soldiers holding a Soviet World War II flag and the Ukrainian flag.

The Russian forces, who said they were not involved with Russia or its government, said that they were the “defenders of the people”. They wore masks and they said that they are now in control of the Ukrainian bases.

According to observers and local media, the Russian troops were very quiet and had yet to state anything about their current political position in their invasion of Crimea government offices. According to a Crimean Official, the masked men were very professional in their takeover of buildings.


Three Things Essential to Car Accident Compensation Claims

In any injury compensation claim, anybody at fault should provide compensation to the victim for his or her injuries. Those at fault will most certainly provide compensation, but sometimes, the compensation they provide is not enough. When the victim’s family or relations chase after the offender, they lack enough information and evidence to prove that the lump-sum repayment was not enough. Here are a few things I learned from experience that make compensation claims easier.

1. Police Report
In a car accident, a police report can prove that the accident happened at a specific date and time. With a police report, we could chase after the offender and claim that the incident completely happened. In around 75% of most car accident cases, a police report is not present, which makes it difficult to claim the right amount of compensation from the offender and even from insurers.

2. Medical Report
If you have a police report, remember that you do not have to file for an injury claim all at once, or you could have claims management companies such as to begin it at once. You can wait for your recovery so that the medical professional can identify and record in your medical report your specific injuries, the pain and suffering you dealt with, future implications of your injuries and other details that could get you more compensation.

3. Inform the Offender
A litigation becomes easier if you contact the offender by sending him or her a letter asking for correspondence regarding matters they’re involved in with you. You could have your claims expert or any legal representative send this letter. When they’re informed, they are at least not in shock, and you could possibly avoid great court costs by having a settlement outside litigation.

Iran Will Not Give Up Its Nuclear Program

Iran President Hasan Rouhani said that while the United States and Iran had reached a deal that limits Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanction relief, they will not completely halt their nuclear program. This announcement came in Davos, along with Rouhani reiterating that Iran’s nuclear program is only meant for the betterment of health and energy production technologies in the country.

Rouhani also said that Iran is being discriminated for its right to enrich nuclear technology. He defended that Iran is not considering nuclear weapons as part of its security strategy and will not move to that direction at any point in the future. He vows that while the world looks at their nuclear program as potentially dangerous, he will be complying within all international regulations regarding the use of nuclear chemicals.

According to New York Times Report Katrin Bennhold, the speech had a conciliatory tone that she perceives as an effort to win broad international acceptance as Iran is perceived by the world as a “dangerous, unpredictable and disruptive” country under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the predecessor of Rouhani.

Rouhani said that they will keep the will despite international sanctions. He said the country faces a difficult and winding road to get their nuclear program accepted as a peaceful effort.

Rouhani’s government platform sought to have a friendlier relationship with the western world to ensure his vision of a better Iran in economy and technology materializes.

Kim Jong-Un Talks About Uncle’s Execution for the First Time

The Young North Korean leader had for the first time talked about the execution of his uncle, Jang Song-Thaek, which had the United States and South Korea worried about the political situation in the country today.

Kim Jong-Un had spoken of the “elimination of factionalist filth” in a new year message broadcast on state television. The Korean Central News Agency, North Korea’s primary news source, had broadcasted Kim’s message that “resolute action” had strengthened the country’s unity.

The North Korean public and political groups had viewed Jang Song-Thaek as the “number 2” in the country’s political hierarchy. South Korean spies note that Jang had helped Kim Jong-Un secure the throne after Kim’s father Kim Jong-Il passed away.

Kim Jong-Un had also ordered the purge of Jang Song-Thaek’s associates. Any official who became close with Kim Jong-Un’s uncle will be executed.

The declaration of Jang’s execution was the biggest political upheaval in the history of Kim Jong-Un’s young leadership. South Korean spies also indicate that it was the growing influence of the 67-year old Jang Song-Thaek that alarmed the young leader, which made him resent his uncle even more.

Political analysts saw Kim Jong-Un’s actions as a sign of his grip on power, asking the thousands of army and political party members to convene and pledge loyalty to him.


The Political Significance of Modern Day Martyrs

Nelson Mandela’s death had brought back the meaning of freedom from slavery and discrimination as Mandela was a hero who destroyed the oppressive apartheid system in South Africa. The significance of his death resonates all over the world because he was a revolutionary hero and a martyr who died for his beliefs.

Significant people are well-remembered for the things they do. Many media personalities become significant because they are often seen in television and their activities the public observes. However, modern day martyrs serve as distractions especially for many governments today.

It’s easy to distract a furious man from trying to mangle somebody or something that had made him furious by giving him something he wants. A good distraction would be money, a beautiful woman or enormous property. This can easily whittle down his fury. This is the same with modern day martyrs; they are great distractions, reminding you of popular beliefs and ideals that do not actually materialize or had become a vehicle for corporations in the real world.

Everyone knows the true controllers of the world are the corporations. What they fund gives them a hand in its development. With multiple hands, they can conquer the world multiple times easily and it’s easier to sell an idea with someone who has died for it.


A Game of Distractions and Corruption

When the Typhoon Haiyan, or locally known in the Philippines as Yolanda grazed through the middle area of the country, thousands of lives were destroyed by the storm. Livelihoods, houses and properties were destroyed. After the storm, the entire place was ransacked by survivors trying to stay alive, or taking the opportunity to gain more for themselves using the disaster as an excuse.

News media in the world criticized the response of the president Philippine Government’s response to the disaster. What was promised as already-standing aid was a false proposition by Philippine President Benigno Aquino Jr. Due to disappointment, locals became furious with their government and appreciated how CNN and other world media showed the corruption in the government and its effects during the storm.

Corruption had been a long game in the Philippines. Distraction had always been the kind of sport and skill development department of many media stations that help protect the elite and exploit the lower class of people. This is evident in the case of CNN’s Anderson Cooper debating to local newscaster Korina Sanchez, who is evidently the wife of the country’s interior minister.

Truthfully, corruption and distraction is just evidently present in the Philippines, but this has been a long standing problem in any politics in the world. Unfortunately for the Philippines, majority of their population is gaining a disadvantage because of such widespread and obvious corruption.

UN Weapons Inspectors Troubled by Syrian Rebels

UN chemical weapons inspectors are now tasked to destroy all Syrian chemical weapon armaments within the country. The Syrian Regime proved to be obedient, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is allowing the inspectors free reign on the chemical weapons. However, the immediately-shifting lines of war between regime and rebels bounce the ownership of land that includes the chemical facilities. The UN appeals to Syrian rebels and opposition to allow the chemical inspectors to pass through to the facilities.

According to the Director General of the inspection group Ahmet Uzumcu, also a Nobel Peace Prize winner, said that the Syrian regime were very cooperative. However, they could not say it the same for the Syrian rebels. Uzumcu said that the government were obeying the treaty the UN had given it. However, rebel-held territories made it difficult, especially with decentralized control.

In-fighting among rebels had been common in many instances. Many rebel groups have broken off with the western backed Syrian National Coalition. Some of these rebel groups have jihadists and some were linked with the al-Qaeda according to local intelligence. The weapons inspector challenges begin with confronting the different groups who might own the territories some weapons are located.

The UN said it would make for a bad face for the Syrian Opposition if the Syrian Regime appears cooperative to the world while the opposition continues to hamper progress.

FOS Says Banks Still Dragging Their Feet on PPI Claims

The Financial Ombudsman said that a total of 266,228 PPI complaints were rejected by banks in the first and second quarter of the year. The FOS estimates a 26% increase in the number of PPI complaints in six months. At least 80% of the claims were in favour of customers.

The many complaints the Financial Ombudsman receives is either a rejected or unresolved claim. However, the figures show that many of the claims were unjustifiably rejected by banks monthly. This led to the spike of 3,000 PPI complaints the Financial Ombudsman receives daily.

Chief Ombudsman Natalie Ceeney said that banks are still dragging their feet on resolving PPI complaints. Thousands of claims from consumers using a PPI refund calculator or claims companies were also rejected by banks. However, Ceeney pointed out that improvements in many major companies were also present as some see the benefits of resolving the PPI claims issue quickly.

The total compensation bill of the banking industry to the entire UK rests at £18 billion with Lloyds bearing the largest chunk of the compensation package. Lloyds was also fined £4.3 million for having 140,000 customers unnecessarily delayed their PPI refunds.

If you are due compensation and are in need of legal consultation, it is highly important that you consult with a PPI claims management company such as to ensure your success.